Turn up the volume on your Menudo 8-track – because this weekend kicks off Hispanic Heritage Month! When I was 15, I had the honor of participating in an exchange program in Costa Rica, so Hispanic culture is close to my heart. That summer I learned to dance salsa better than your average white girl and had my first French kiss (which seemed to involve a startling amount of face-licking).

In honor of a culture rich with some of the best music, art, food, (and Cuban Zumba instructors), I thought I’d share some of my favorite Hispanic influences.

We’ll start with two of my favorite songs.

This is my go-to mellow-out song. Just close your eyes and imagine you’re sitting on a Caribbean beach or the lap of a really pretty cabana boy.

This one is Brazilian, which I know may not be technically “Hispanic,” but we used to dance to this in my old Zumba class, so I’m sneaking it in. For this one, you must do one thing only. Shimmy ’til you can’t shimmy no more.

I’m sorry, but Frida Kahlo was giving stank-face long before Beyonce. What a stunning woman!

Frida Kahlo painting

Salvador Dalí who had, perhaps, one of the best mustaches of all time. His most famous works (and facial hair) here!


Jean-Michel Basquiat, who famously said, “Believe it or not, I can actually draw.”


A collection of delicious Spanish recipes here. Invite me over for dinner – you cook, I’ll do the dishes and maybe put out.

5951473374_b807ea2e4d_zAnd here’s a list of easy DIY crafts you can do with friends and family to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month!

*Cover Photo: Iowa’s Latino Heritage Festival; Paella Photo Source: Flickr*


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