America, Land of Ample Bosoms

Yankee Doodle GirlWhen I say “America,” you say what?  If you’re anything like the rest of the country, apparently that answer is “CLEAVAGE!”

Around this time of year, I find myself thinking about American politics even more than usual.  So last night – curious what other people were thinking on the eve of 9/11 – I took to the web and searched things like #usa, #america, and #patriotism.  (Like all good writers, I do my research on Tumblr.)

The results were:

  • touching (a soldier taking a quiet moment to read a book),
  • iconic (apple pies sitting on a windowsill),
  • intellectual (a map of American gastronomy)
  • mystical (unicorns!),
  • hilarious (Sinbad?); and
  • gritty (to my mom, nothing was more American than a cup-o-joe and a cig, so I had to include those, too).

I hope you’ll forgive me for skipping over all the semi-nude women wrapped in American flags.  Obviously we’re all thankful for them.

Enjoy the selections below, and take some time today to be proud of where you come from – wherever that may be.  (When I was 13, I wanted Europe to adopt me.  I liked their breakfast options better than ours, though I hadn’t yet discovered the McGriddle.)

Would love to hear what patriotism means to you in the comments below!

Captain America

I Voted

License Plates



Bribe Money



We No Speak

Johnny DeppGastronomy Map

Polka Dots and Flags

Burgers and Onion Rings



Coffee and a Cig

Converse Flag


*Cover Art: Paul Malon*


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