The Truest Advice No One Ever Takes

Get a Hobby

Growing up, the two phrases I heard my mom say most – and often in rapid succession – were “Get over it,” and “Get a hobby.” To All Parents Everywhere, those words have never brought anyone any solace.  Fact.

Sophomore year of college, after my heart had been chewed up and spit out by a guy in the marching band, Mom said, “Get over it.  Get a hobby.”  (He played the flugelhorn, which is much harder to get over than you’d think.)

When my teddy bear went missing on a family vacation in Acapulco?  “Get over it.  GET A HOBBY.”

Hobbies were the antidote, as far as my mom was concerned, for all of life’s scrapes and bruises.  But at some point in my 30s, I discovered she was right and bought a piano, a sewing machine, and French lessons.  I might have picked the hobbies of an 80 year-old widow, but I’m happy.

So today, I pass along the truest advice no one ever takes – if you’re feeling bored, sad, frustrated, or just sick of the same old thing…get a hobby.  I know you’re sticking your thumbs in your eye sockets right now, but humor me.  Learning taxidermy might not fix whatever’s broken in your life, but learning puppetry actually could.  Worst case scenario, you learn something new and keep your brain young a little bit longer.  Science says so.

I love these two lists of hobbies.  I hope you feel inspired to pick one and tell me how it goes!

50 Hobbies for Women (obviously bellydancing with Ellen Degeneres wins)

45 Hobbies for Men (I find them all strangely sexy.)

*Photo Source: Get a Hobby! on Amazon*



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