Sassy Bun and Other Dude Up-Do’s


So over the weekend, I ran across a photo of me from my high school prom.  After hyperventilating into a brown paper bag for several minutes, I posted it on Instagram.  You can see the pic by following me on instagram here, though understand that we will never make eye contact again.

My mom is to blame for the really big hair (she literally stood over my shoulder at the salon, chanting, “Bigger, BIGGER!” at the stylist).  I, sadly, am to blame for the hideous dress.  Back when prom dresses were meant to scrape the floor like Victorian window treatments, I looked like a slutty version of The Little Mermaid in an open-backed aqua mini.

And our dates didn’t have to worry about any of this!  They had the 3 C’s – cummerbund, corsage, condoms – and probably not even in that order.  (For the record, my prom date didn’t even get to second base.)  So I am really enjoying the series “Guys with Fancy Lady Hair,” which brings together male neck hair, baby’s breath, and prom up-do’s in all the most vengeful ways.  (See the full post and more styles at The Bold Italic).




*Photo Source: Isla Bell Murray*


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