Shakespeare vs. The Kardashians – An Epic Showdown


Last week, “twerk,” “food baby,” and “selfie” were admitted into the Oxford Dictionary.

That settles it – English is dead. It has gone the way of parachute pants, Orange Julius, and Teddy Ruxpin and will now only be remembered in nostalgic Buzzfeed lists.  I blame the Kardashians.

Or can Shakespeare save us all?

The Bard coined 1700 words in his day and changed everything for centuries to come.  (None of those words were “srsly,” “vom,” or “squee,” in case you were wondering.)

Take a look below at some of his most popular contributions to our endangered language (you’ll be surprised!) and check out this really interesting article about how Shakespeare changed everything.

What do you think – do you think it’s inevitable that English will (d)evolve with youth culture, or do you think we have a responsibility to protect the sophistication of our language?

Things We Say Today Because of Shakespeare

(Via Explore)

*Photo Sources: How Shakespeare Changed Everything and Explore*



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