A Garden Full of Music

The Plant WhispererI sometimes daydream about swapping my square footage in the city for a square acre in the country, and yet I never could have thunk up this charming garden retreat or the motivation behind it.  Meet Mileece Petre, a real-life garden gnome.

Her home – a vintage chrome airstream – has been organically incorporated into the backyard of her mother’s Spanish duplex (the lengths some people will go to to get away from their mothers!)  Petre is also the green thumb version of that street performer who plays music on the rims of wine glasses.  She designed software that turns the electromagnetic currents transmitted by the plants in her garden into actual music.  Her backyard is an actual orchestra with its own record deal.  Her favorite instrument?  The philodendron.

The New York Times wouldn’t let me steal its enchanting photos of her home, so please check out the slideshow here.  You’ll need a bucket to catch all the drool.

*Photo Source: Laure Joliet for The New York Times*


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