Junk Drawer: Week of August 30, 2013


Friday is finally here!  I’m getting on an airplane to visit my sister and her family in Chicago.  I’m looking forward to being a human jungle gym to 3 nephews and to eating all their snacks when they’re not looking.

I hope you have a a great holiday weekend, wherever you are!

Email vacation auto-responders everyone hates – made me laugh!

Everyday products you’ve been using wrong all along.  Really.

I’d like to see this guy on the dance floor.

This is just freaky.

How soon ’til I can buy this at Target?

Like to snap photos of your food?  Make it count for something with Mario Batali’s new app!

Astronaut’s funny answer to “what’s it like living on earth after living in space?”

Sexy men reading children’s books – hilarious and stalkery.  (via Cup of Jo)

Bastard chairs (it’s an actual thing)

Finally something to LIKE about George Costanza!

Hakuna matata

*Photo Source: Recipes for Life*


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