Love in Lights

01Mark-900x675When I was staying in Paris, I loved to stroll up and down the Boulevard de Clichy snapping pictures of the neon signs in the front windows of sex shops. Neon art walks that fine line between fun and trashy – and I kinda love it. Here are a few signs that I think would make great computer wallpaper.  Or just help you relive that glorious night you spent with the rodeo cowboy at the Motel 6 with the vibrating beds and the buzzing vacancy sign outside the window.  No one’s judging.

PS – All my fellow Badgers – you’ll know which sign is for you! 




Good People

Sleep Late

Kiss You


Neon Elvis

Neon Pressure

Photo Sources: Kelly Mark, Karl Holmqvist, Javier Lara, Andrew Junge, Svein Møxvold, Sandy Edwards, Tracy Emin, Flickr, Flickr, 12 Months of Neon Love, Adam Garcia*



  1. Great shades of Emmaus weekend. MY last (terminal)worship, that I volunteered to do was this past Christmas Eve. And what else, The Lord’s Birthday and LOVE

  2. Hi the wonderist,
    im going to paris in about a week and i aross this page. I love all these neon signs! My favorite is the feelings sign. Do you remeber where that was exactly taken?

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