Great Escapes


Ok, so last night I watched the MTV Video Music Awards and then wanted to dunk myself in a tank of antibacterial soap.  I loved that the VMAs happened just two blocks from my house but am worried that the rest of the country now thinks Brooklyn is one dirty, incomprehensible freak show where Lil’ Kim looks like La Toya Jackson and Taylor Swift is 9 feet taller than everyone else.   Also Miley Cyrus humped a giant foam hand.  I am officially out of touch with what is cool.

For a little levity, I’m going to post something about porn.  This will heal the nation.

If you need a breather from your Monday, check out a couple of popular “porn” sites for good, clean escapism:

Bookshelf Porn – showcasing the best bookshelf photos from around the world

Cabin Porn – “Inspiration for your quiet place somewhere”

Food Porn Daily – “Click, Drool, Repeat”

Would love to hear what your favorite escapist websites are?

A sampling from all three below:







*Photos via Bookshelf Porn, The Village, The Hum of Nostalgia, Keep it Sweet, Cabin Porn, Kumi Las Vegas, and Rebekah Burgess Abramovic*



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