Junk Drawer: Week of August 23, 2013


Photo Source: ICandyPhotos on Etsy

I am going to stay home this weekend and live out all my high school fantasies of dating a football player by watching Friday Night Lights on an endless loop.  My only goal – to decide whether I want to be the future Mrs. Riggins or Mrs. Coach Taylor.

What are you up to?

Here’s some of my favorite scoop from this week:

Strip scrabble: scrabble player demands a strip search when a “G” goes missing during championship!

21 Instagrams to follow if you like to travel – I’m adding them all!

The surprising ages of the founding fathers!  Holy over-achievers.

Impressionist sings “Total Eclipse of the Heart” as 19 different divas – totally amazing.

The summer’s hottest meme – hot dog legs.

Coolest school bus of all time.

Really beautiful love letter to NYC – this is exactly how I feel!

The kitten pedestal every woman needs!

Candy like you’ve never seen it before!

I wish all my grammar lessons had been this fun in school.

95 YA books to read during the last days of summer.



    1. PinotNinja, I think we might be long-lost tv twins. I’m not quite sure how I didn’t discover this series until LAST WEEK. I’m only on season 2, but now I’m looking forward to season 5 Riggins! And, also, I want Tammy Taylor’s hair.

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