Junk Drawer: Week of August 16, 2013


Happy Friday!  I hope you’ve got something delicious planned for the weekend!  I, myself, plan to spend most of it stalking the office supply aisles at Target like a total creep.  Back to school sales are like the Holy Grail of Crap I Don’t Need But Must Have.  Cute washi tapes?  IN BULK?  Land of milk and honey, baby.

What are you up to?

Here’s what’s up around the www:

A Canadian university offers a room full of puppies to relax stressed-out students!

Oh, my.  My, my, my.

So stunning that I almost can’t believe my eyes!

Ever wanted your own moat?  Now’s your chance!

How to deal with drunks effectively and with class.

I am mesmerized by these colorized photos of iconic black and whites!

What it’s like to be hypnotized.

I love these and want one for every state I’ve lived in.

Amazing split-screen photos of relatives show the power of genetics.

The raddest toilet paper holder of all time.

Catchy Mary Poppins remix!

*Photo Source: bricolagelife via Flickr*


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