1000 Awesome Things

37_potatochip_largeOne of my most happy-making indulgences is the blog “1000 Awesome Things.”  It’s like a whole internet pan of the best chocolate chip cookies laced with uppers you’ve ever had.  Neil Pasricha’s countdown of awesome things is my go-to when I need a laugh, a pick-me-up, or a simple reminder that I’m not the only who thinks free refills are the lottery ticket of life.

If you’re new to his site, a good place to start is the Top 1000.  Some of my favorites below!  And like I always say, there isn’t a problem that can’t be solved with gasoline scratch-n-sniffs.

Click the links for the funny posts!

#997 Locking People out of the Car and Pretending to Drive Away

#994 Waiters and waitresses who bring free refills without asking

#991 Really, really old Tupperware

#977 The smell of gasoline

#965 Building a stack of pancakes that looks just like the front of the box

#958 Being the first person into a really crowded movie theater and getting the prime seats

#956 Using Rock-Paper-Scissors to settle anything

#953 When cashiers open up new check-out lanes at the grocery store

#946 The first shower you take after not showering for a really long time

#941 The Universal Fry-Sharing Policy



  1. i could write a doctor seuss poem about how much i love potato chips — on sandwiches, on ice cream, i would eat them in the dark, in the park..

    haha, i better leave it to dr. seuss, huh?

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