Miracles (and a Little George Michael)


I’m a bit of a buffet-style spiritualist.  (My mom was naked at Woodstock in ’69, and somehow I think I’m still the bigger hippie.)

That’s to say, I’m curious about all kinds of faith. I see miracles just about everywhere, and I think this “Breathing Earth” GIF (via Colossal) is pretty much a revelation.  (Like when the Starbucks people correctly label my chai “Tanya” and not “Connie.”)  Composed of 12 NASA satellite images – one from every month of the year – it shows the seasonal pulse of vegetation and land ice on earth.  And so we see that the earth has a heartbeat…

I once asked a friend whose faith I admire how he was so sure that there is a God.  He told me to consider the human anatomy – how the body is made of 6 things: oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus.  And yet we can breathe, walk, and think.  We are 65% water, and yet we have souls and empathy.  That, he said, was all the proof he needed.

I’m curious – what do you believe, and how did you first know?  Tell me in the comments below!

Also, this seems like an appropriate time for some George Michael:



  1. But the gif is damn cool and is a lot like a heartbeat. So there’s that.

    The idea of a soul is an insult to our intellect and to the universe that created it (to personify). The universe and all it contains is pretty damn amazing, it doesn’t need the human construct of God to make it that way. It is what it is.

  2. Way to ruin something interesting with proselyting. Hippie was my default setting until sanctimonious pretippies (pretend hippies, hipster hippies) drove me away.
    Also your friend is an idiot. We have souls as proof of God? What’s to say we have souls?

    1. I appreciate your comments! I definitely try to avoid, as you say, “proselytizing” on the blog. I think you’ll find that I’m careful not to insert my own political or spiritual beliefs anywhere. (And I didn’t in this blog either – I simply shared a friend’s story as a way to open the question up to readers, hoping to spark exactly the kind of conversation you’re now starting.) The goal here – with my blog – is to discover the things that make us all feel gooooood and to share them with others. The more voices, the better!

      So thank you again for reading!

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