Heroine Chic


There are few pairings I love as much as books and wall-worthy art.  Hugh Grant and a nicely tailored suit is another.

I love everything about Samantha Hahn‘s new release, Well-Read Women: Portraits of Fiction’s Most Beloved Heroines.  A renowned art, design, and style illustrator, her watercolor work is reminiscent of the gorgeous covers of vintage sewing patterns.  It’s whimsical and feminine (and I sound like I’m pitching a Tampax commercial).

“Featuring 50 of the most badass heroines, the book showcases beautiful watercolors celebrating the fictional ladies who’ve inspired, entertained, and — in many ways — constructed our perspectives about what we as women are capable of being.” (via Refinery 29)  Anna Karenina, Clarissa Dalloway, and Daisy Buchanan never looked better.

My faves below (and you can order the book here):







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