Junk Drawer: Week of August 9th, 2013


Happy Friday, pussycats (these portraits of cats dressed in royal attire made me laugh)!

What’s on your docket for the weekend?  If I do nothing else but eat my first Peanut Buster Parfait in 20 years, I will be satisfied.  Wait, shhhh.  Do you hear that?  Oh, yes.  It’s the sound of angels singing because DAIRY QUEEN IS RETURNING TO NYC FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 30 YEARS!

While I get soft serve brain freeze, here’s some link love from around the world wide interwebs:

In case you’re wondering what my life is like as a tv producer, THIS IS IT.

Reasons Mommy drinks – this is soooo good.

In case you’ve ever wondered how you’re SUPPOSED to undress for your husband

Did you know all of these celebrities have twins?!

33 opera hunks – big voice, big ehem (and why are so many of them wet?

What to do when Daft Punk stands you up.

Is this the future of beer labels?!  God, I hope so.

Goats are the new pop stars.

Yup, had this experience this week.

Finally, being a nerd pays off.

I want to ride on this!


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