Life Lessons from a Street Artist

I’ve never read any of the Chicken Soup for the Soul books, but I imagine that if you gave them face piercings and a troubled youth, you’d get something like the wisdom in this post from GOOD: 10 Things We Can Learn From Street Artists.

I really encourage you to read the full post over at GOOD – it’s not just another achingly redundant life advice column.  When you consider that much of the work these artists do is subversive and illegal, the meme gets much more poignant.  A life of ski masks and crime never sounded so good.  The Cliff Notes version of the list is below – the parenthetical additions are my own because I always have to have the last word.

  1. It’s Important to Take Risks (still – skip the convenience store sushi)
  2. Give Without Expecting a Return (does not apply to STD’s)
  3. Challenge the Norm (Norm Macdonald)
  4. Be Fearless (Anthony Weiner apparently lives in fear of nothing, and you’re a better human than he is)
  5. Question Everything (like the necessity of pants)
  6. Persistence Pays Off (for example, I just know Stephen Colbert’s family will accept me as a sister wife if I try hard enough)
  7. Collaboration Enhances Productivity (especially if collaboration involves someone petting our heads when we’re thinking)
  8. Creativity is a Universal Language (though a really good red lipstick says it all)
  9. Context is Everything (but emoticons help)
  10. Life is About the Journey, Not the Destination (categorically untrue – if the destination is a beach, it’s all about the destination.)

If you have time, pop by the Wooster Collective – they’re celebrating 10 years showcasing street art from around the world with an exhibit at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery.  I also had a lot of fun poking around on the Collective’s website – here are some of my favorite “urban interventions” – click on the artists’ names for more of their work and inspirations.

Last Word.


Seen in SoHo


Yarn Bombing with HOTTEA (Photo by Jennifer Jaimes)


Dressing Up Abandoned Storefronts by Macay

Projection by Shimon Attie

Projection by Shimon Attie


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