The Girl Power Playlist


I’m big into Girl Power.  (Not the Spice Girls in short skirts kind, but the Lillith Fair kind.)  I was one of thousands of women at those concerts screaming “I’m a Bitch” with Meredith Brooks (even though I swear I’m totally not and don’t advocate being one).  I love a good songstress – especially schmoopy ones who make me cry.

So I’m pumped that Ted released a playlist of 25 songs that celebrate WOMEN – women “who’ve innovated, made a difference, taken a stand and changed history in the process.”  The mixtape includes: “a Swedish dance-pop tribute to Marie Curie’s research on radioactivity, Jane Birkin’s ode to the work and ideals of Burmese political prisoner Aung San Suu Kyi, an emotional love song dedicated to Georgia O’Keefe and a tongue-in-cheek punk rock commentary on Margaret Thatcher.”

I’m going to be jamming to this at my desk all day.  Hope you enjoy – #8 is my favorite!  (And if you’re unable to play the tracklist, here’s a full list of the songs included!)

[spotify id="spotify:user:ted_talks:playlist:5jIAE9NGEApM68ITjn6wq3" width="300" height="1075" /]

*Photo Source: The Arts Scene*


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