Armchair Traveler No More!


I’m what one might call an “armchair traveler,” though I did do a lot of overseas traveling in my teens and early twenties.  (My dad’s parting wisdom on my first solo trip abroad at 13 was, “Now remember…It’s only illegal if you get caught.”  Thanks, Dad.  It’s a miracle I’m not serving a life sentence in a maximum security prison with advice like that.)

But somewhere in my mid-20s, I developed a crippling fear of flying.  I do it when I have to, but it gives me angina (and chin acne).  And so it is that I spend a lot of time “traveling” on my computer from the comfort of my living room (I have better snacks than the airlines anyway).  That’s why I love this article from Mental Floss – 16 Amazing Places You Can Visit on Google Street View.  It’s a bit of a favorite pastime in NYC to spot and chase the Google Street Car as it maps the city, but I never would have thought it traveled all the way up to Everest Base Camp!

Enjoy the surprising photos, and if you like travel journalism, I recommend reading the Art of Travel.  Interestingly enough, the author suggests that the biggest excitement of traveling is actually in the planning of it!  (I’ve got that part down pat!)

I am, however, actually thinking of taking a trip next year, and I’d love your thoughts.  Vote on the places I’m considering below or leave more suggestions in the comments!

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  1. I voted for Switzerland, Tanya. If you go, we’ll load you up with suggestions! Your home town qualifies you as having strong Swiss roots. All your travel ideas sound good, but the other one that I like a lot is the road trip, particularly because it might bring you to Wisconsin. (but you really need to drive to some of the western national parks sometime, too.) Or how about a road trip to Quebec City? You’d see a lot of beautiful scenery on the way and end up in one of my favorite cities anywhere.

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