Getting High in Choir


Good morning, Wonderists!  I hope you had a great weekend!  We had a cold front in NY (a brisk 80 degrees), and I bought a purple unicorn sweater that I’m really excited about.  Does the fact that I bought it unironically mean I’m a hipster or NOT a hipster?  If someone could please let me know, that would be great. I think several friendships hang in the balance.

I also came across an interesting article about the benefits of group singing on Slate.  Turns out you get all sorts of neurochemical rushes from singing with other people – whether you’re actually any good at it or not is irrelevant (shower singers, rejoice). Perhaps this explains what is, for me, inexplicable = boy bands.

We’ve all heard of the “runner’s high,” but – for those of you with delicate joints – now you can get high in choir!  (How was this not covered in any of the American Pie spin-offs?)  Check out the full article here for more of the interesting findings – including why sad songs make us feel better!

*Illustration via Clip Art, Etc.*


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