Junk Drawer: Week of August 2, 2013

Poster - Blithe Spirit_01Holy sneakers.  I just learned that if you do a Google search for “the underbelly of Disney,” my blog is the #1 result.  I am officially the Underbelly of Disney.  I’m having my nameplate changed at work and ordering custom mugs.  I never realized I wanted to be the underbelly of something so bad until now.

I’ll be working on a community production of Blithe Spirit this weekend.  What are you up to?  (Besides perusing the link love, obviously.)

Watch this bear steal an entire dumpster from a Colorado Springs restaurant!  Freegans, you’ve got competition!

I could barely keep it together as I read this at my desk.  Not for the prudish, I warn.

Burn, baby, burn.  These are some hot, passionate love letters, Oscar Wilde.

I didn’t even know I could have a sleepover room, but now I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT IT.

Etsy posters of iconic cars from classic movies – a great gift for the hot rod lover in your life!

Authors’ favorite first lines of books – this is neat!

I can’t believe this is real.  The universe is mind-blowing.

This is totally sexist.  Is it wrong that I also think it’s funny?

Don’t be fooled – a dryer sheet is never JUST a dryer sheet.

Terrarium cake!

60-second animated, entertaining movies about religion!


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