Shlomo the Beatboxer


What’s happening in this photo?  I’ll give you 3 guesses.  If you guessed shimmy contest, you’re very close.  This is Shlomo.  Shlomo is an astrophysicist-turned-British-beatboxer.  Shlomo is telling a really charming story about the parties his Iraqi-Jewish grandparents threw when he was 3 years old – using only his voice and a loop pedal.  Oh, and Shlomo is bellydancing.

This is performance art at its most accessible.  Put it this way – Rihanna should be opening for HIM in concert.  From the moment he made his first beat, I was working my neck from side to side, and then my knees started bouncing, and then I was full-on grinding my couch like it was Usher’s lap in the 40/40 Club.  There’s just something really infectious about the twinkle in his eye, the characters, and the music.  You are going to love the video below – as always, it’s a short one, so go somewhere private and take your finger cymbals with you because you will not be able to sit still while you watch this.  (I recommend clicking on the Vimeo logo to take yourself to a larger screen.)

I seriously, seriously need to get invited to his next family dinner.



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