The Awesome Underbelly of Disney


Admittedly I wasn’t much of a girly girl growing up.  I sold my dolls to friends for money (a capitalist from the womb) and never really got into princess parties.  (I also hated pizza but loved school lunch, which made me a social leper with the K-6 crowd anyway.)

So maybe I forfeit my vote because I never owned a tutu, but I get such a kick out of these photos that expose the “underbelly” of life as a Disney princess.  Photographer Dina Goldstein’s motivation for this series was to debunk the fairy tale motif as an aspirational endgame for young girls, and I actually do find the photos educational – in a Real Housewives of the OC kind of way (all that glitters is not gold, perhaps?).

You can see some of my favorites from the series below (and the full series here)!  And while I DON’T believe in the idea of the assembly line princess with a tiny waist, big bust, and freakishly stiletto-shaped feet, I DO believe in happy endings. I just think the trick is learning to see them inside of individual moments – the fairy tale exists in a particularly good kitty cuddle for the cat lady or baby’s first steps for the overwhelmed mom.

I also enjoyed Goldstein’s Dollhouse series (I always KNEW Ken and Barbie had issues).

Do you believe in fairy tales?





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