Compliment(ary) Fare Fairy


Move over Tooth Fairy – there’s a new girl in town!

For a project in Stefan Sagmeister‘s class “Can Design Touch Someone’s Heart?” at the School of Visual Arts, Diana Haj Ahmad transformed herself into the Compliment Fare Fairy.  After riding the M15 bus in New York City every day for months, she saw a need and an opportunity to bring a little joy to downtrodden commuters.  She designed a fare fairy costume (buses and woodland nymphs, together at last) and handed out compliments and free MetroCards to morning travelers.  While I would love to hear the words they shared, the simple musical overlay in the short video below lets you really see the emotional impact of even the smallest gestures.

It’s so easy to be kind and make someone happy.  In the immortal words of Nike, just do it.  (Wings not required, though they do add a certain je ne sais quoi.)


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