Eat Like You Give a F*ck


I’m sure you’ve already heard of Thug Kitchen.  If not, you probably still have dial-up or travel by horse and carriage.  Thug Kitchen gives vegan living street cred with loads of recipes and a generous helping of f-bombs (the website’s tagline is “Eat Like You Give a F*ck”).

It was pretty much impossible to find a photo for this post that didn’t have one expletive or another slapped on top of a beautiful picture of salad (“plant nachos”), which is a further testament to the entertainment value of this website.  I would apologize for my fragrant love of cursing, but I talk like I was born in a saloon and delight in everything Thug Kitchen is serving up – the good food and the dirty language.

I guarantee you a hearty laugh (and a growling stomach) just clicking through the photos!


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