Junk Drawer: Week of July 26, 2013


Neon Text Installation by Lee Jung via Colossal

You did it.  You made it through another week of alarm clocks and terrible summer tv lineups.  You deserve to be rewarded with an awesome link round-up!  What are your weekend plans?

Recycling can be very romantic

Cheese rolling – extreme sport?  (via Cup of Jo)

Finally – a win for strippers!

Cab driver of the year – you’ll agree!

Hilarious one-star reviews of Classic Literature

Richard Simmons tries to remain completely still for 60 seconds.  Awesomeness ensues.

George H. W. Bush shaved his head in solidarity with a 2 year-old friend fighting leukemia.  Love this pic.

The holy church work-out!  (My favorite line: “No one’s gonna burn in hell for burning a few calories.”)

Reasons why Hollywood should relocate to Wisconsin

PayPal accidentally credits one man $92 QUADRILLION!

This guy erected an aquarium fence around his house.  White picket fences are SO 2012.


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