What to do When You Run Out of Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Search no more.  You now have a reason to get up in the morning even when you’re out of Cinnamon Toast Crunch.  Gorge yourself on Jason Silva’s latest “Shots of Awe” offering, The Hero’s Journey.  While the tagline for this 2-minute short is slightly Oprah-esque (“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls”), it’s also patently true (and Oprah is a billionaire, so she wins).  This week Jason’s inspiration addiction brings us to the physics of the quest (never heard of Quest Physics?  Read Eat, Pray, Love.).

These videos pack a Rocky Balboa punch in the motivational department.  I feel like I could run a marathon after each one (but not gonna).

And for a little extra fun, I put together a colorful print-out of my favorite quotes to tape to the wall by my desk.  Feel free to download it at the link below.  Enjoy!

Hero’s Journey Poster Print-Out


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