Everyday Royals

As excitement over the Royal Baby reaches fever pitch (I suppose it’s too much to hope that they’ll still name him Prince Tanya?), I want to take a minute and honor a couple that was regal in its own way – a horse-betting clerk and a nurse who fell in love so immediately and so gracefully that you’ll need a hankie when you hear their story.  Watch the sweet video above – you won’t believe how romantic 27 years of weather reports can be.

Their story is brought to you by Storycorps – one of the largest oral history projects of its kind.  They travel mobile recording booths all over the country and invite everyone – anyone – to come by and record a story.  I wish I could have done this with my parents.  I even sent my mom a handheld recorder once.  She returned it to Target and kept the credit.

To date, Storycorps has recorded and archived 45,000 interviews in the Library of Congress – preserving our nation’s history and reminding us to just listen.  So if there’s someone whose story you would like to hear – a grandparent, sibling, mentor, or friend – or someone who might like to ask you about your life, check out all the ways to record your story here (you’ll get a free copy of the recording!).  I suggest not taking someone who likes to make fart noises with their hands.  America doesn’t want to be remembered for that.

And for the saps among you (myself included – I cry at cereal commercials), Storycorps has compiled an entire book of some of the love stories they’ve recorded.  What’s that you say?  You’d like to give me an early Valentine’s Day gift?  I’ll send you my address.

Who are the everyday royals in your life?




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