Would You Ever Do It Standing Up?

Photo Source: O Design

Photo Source: O Street Design

Ok, I might get kicked off of the internet for this post, but I’m sorta fascinated and really curious what you all think.  This one goes out to the ladies in the club!  Most of us have probably snuck into the men’s room a time or two, right?  At a ball game when the girls’ line was too long or at the office on the weekend when the men’s room was closer?  But – and I swear I never thought of this ’til I saw the strangest ad on the sidebar of another blog yesterday – WHAT if you could pee standing up like the boys, too?

The ad was for this thing called the SheWee (insert giggle fits) – have you heard of it?  Did I miss a class in sex ed 22 years ago or something?  Either the whole thing is one elaborate prank to out gullible Midwesterners like me and kill us off in one Darwinian swoop OR there’s a revolution afoot, ladies.  You HAVE to look at the website – their tagline is “Stand Up and Take Control” (I’m pretty sure they borrowed that from the women’s lib movement without permission).

So – be honest – would you?  Think of all the poison ivy this could spare you on camping trips.

Or am I fired from blogging?  You may cast your votes in the comments section below.



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