The Iceman Cometh!

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Photo Source: Reuters

If you live on planet earth, you might have heard that it is insanely, oppressively hot in the US this summer.  Like fry an egg on my face hot.  I am so sweaty that the door guy in my office building hands me a paper towel every morning when I walk into the sweet sacristy of our air-conditioned, arctic lobby.  I’m almost positive that the Great Flood is coming and that it’s coming entirely out of my pores, so start building your arks.  But I know we’ve talked extensively about my hate affair with the heat here – oh and also here – (it’s something of a hobby), so how about we take a moment of silence for these poor little ice sculpture guys instead.

For Throwback Thursday, I bring you Brazilian artist Nele Azevedo, who, in 2009, placed 1,000 miniature ice men on the pavement in a Berlin square to spread the message about climate change.  I’m curious if the exhibit came with a merch kiosk – I totally would have bought ice cube man molds (ever the American consumerist).

More of my favorite photos of the mini-men from Street Art Utopia








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