Not Your Average Sand Castles

All Photos: Acid Cow

All Photos: Acid Cow

I was inspired yesterday by an Instagram photo my 9 year-old nephew posted from vacation (let’s not even talk about how he figured out the new video function before I did) – it was a photo of a sand castle he’d built on the beach, which he captioned “Aztecs.”  Obviously, my nephew is a child prodigy with an incredible cultural awareness for his age.  “Aztecs” was constructed with both round AND square pails – like I said, genius.

But it got me thinking - I bet people do some pretty amazing things with sand.  And, whadya know, there is, in fact, a World Championship Sand Sculpting Competition right here in Atlantic City.  The kids can build sand castles while you lose your rent money at slots.  Fun for the whole family!

So if you’re flocking to the beaches this summer, here’s a list of places you can catch cutthroat sand sculpting contests all over the world.  Do you think when it gets heated, the competitors shove sand down each other’s pants or stomp on each other’s sculptures?  In my imagination, they do.  I need this to be Christopher Guest’s next mockumentary.

Check out the complete post on Acid Cow, but here are some of my faves:






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