Come on, Punch Me


Photo Source: Phil Akashi

I can’t imagine what kind of upper arm strength this required.  Billy Blanks, eat your heart out, because Phil Akashi punched this wall 27,000 times.  TWENTY-SEVEN THOUSAND TIMES. When was the last time you did ANYthing 27,000 times?  With the Chinese characters for freedom fastened to the tip of his glove and dipped in traditional Chinese ink paste, he produced this unique tribute to Nelson Mandela in Shanghai Graffiti Park.  (Check out this short video to see his process – it’s pretty awesome.)  Mandela, the South African anti-apartheid revolutionary, remains in critical condition this week.

And for something a little more my speed (read = a little less cardiovascular), children and volunteers in Johannesburg created a portrait of Mandela entirely out of cupcakes.  5,000 cupcakes.  My monthly cupcake allowance.  Mandela will be celebrating his 95th birthday tomorrow.  Happy Birthday!


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