Look! Up in the Sky! It’s a Bird…It’s a…What?!


As a rule, I don’t look up when I’m walking for my own safety.  I have tumbled down escalators, speared myself on umbrellas, and fallen down in the middle of the street in rush hour traffic.  My body just prefers to be lying down.  (I suppose I could have chosen a career path where this might have even been practical.)  But on the rare occasion when I do look up, it occurs to me how much I’m missing – the penthouse apartments (I’ll never own), the rooftop gardens (I’ll never own), and the peeping Toms (I’ve probably dated).

And so maybe that’s why I adore this series of illustrations by French artist, Thomas Lamadieu, so much.  (Side Note: Is there ANYTHING the French aren’t good at?  Seriously, name one thing.  And then spank yourself because shame on you.  France has had my heart since Gérard Depardieu in Green Card.)

Lamadieu takes photographs of the sky between tightly stacked buildings and then illustrates the empty space between them.  At first it’s hard to discern what you’re looking at because he has so expertly drawn around the various crevices.  I wish I could see things like this.  The most imagery I can project is when I pass the Little Debbie aisle at the grocery store and can picture a Zebra Cake in my mouth.







*All photos via Thomas Lamadieu.  Check out this website to see the before and afters!*


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