33 Things

Typography Cake and Photo via A Subtle Revelry

Typography Cake DIY and Photo via A Subtle Revelry

Good morning!  Happy Canada Day to my Canucks and happy birthday to all my fellow July babies!

I literally just noticed frosting under my fingernails, if that tells you how much I’ve been enjoying a few days off.  I know I’ve talked about my birthday philosophy on the blog before, so I’ll keep it short this time (mostly just so I can get back to confetti bombing myself in the face).

Here are 33 things (in no particular order) that made me happy in my 33rd year.  Can’t wait to see what 34 brings!

  1. My incredible, inspiring mom
  2. Old home videos and recordings of my dad (in which he is wearing lots of eye make-up) that I’d never seen before
  3. Losing my Smorgasburg virginity
  4. The continued blessing of working in an industry where I am surrounded by creative people who inspire me every day (and who tell really good dirty jokes)
  5. Falling in love with NYC more with each passing year (and knowing which days to stay inside because the heat makes the whole city smell like garbage)
  6. The tradition of birthday tiaras in the office started by my friend Joe who excels at humiliating others
  7. Photography classes, which have really improved my iPhone selfies
  8. My new masseuse (who shall remain nameless – giving up a great unknown spa location in NYC is like going public with missile launch codes)
  9. Macklemore and Lewis dance parties with my nephew
  10. An old colleague jamming on his guitar in my office after-hours while I do really hard math
  11. Another year teaching miniature people (children) about art
  12. Andy Cohen and the producers at Watch What Happens Live treating my mom like royalty at a taping
  13. Dramatic Fifty Shades of Grey readings in my office
  14. That Sammy’s Roumanian survived Hurricane Sandy
  15. My first walk across the Brooklyn Bridge
  16. Binge-watching entire tv series from beginning to end in a weekend
  17. The riotous outburst of polka dots in my life
  18. My first glass of momofuku cereal milk
  19. Flying with a Christmas tree to my Mom’s house
  20. An amazing weekend with my mom and 3 adoptive mommy-too’s on a river in Tennessee where I didn’t eat a single thing that was hermetically wrapped in plastic.
  21. This blog which is helping me stretch myself and connect to new people around the world
  22. My first white elephant exchange – I got the most terrifying gift (thanks, again, to Joe)
  23. A rowdy night at Brooklyn Bowl
  24. Helping my sister start a mom-coaching business
  25. Being in the audience for the In The Heights benefit concert
  26. Being surrounded by good cookie options near my office
  27. My newfound love of themed party-throwing
  28. Good health
  29. The sock bun (my summer hair savior)
  30. Several new friendships that are drawing me out of my introvert shell
  31. Tuna luna pasta with my aunt Dorfus Dorwinkle
  32. My new grown-up couch
  33. My forever in-bloom geranium – a constant source of happiness in my apartment


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