Junk Drawer: Week of June 28, 2013

Photo Source: © C. Bryant/ClassicStock/Corbis

Photo Source: © C. Bryant/ClassicStock/Corbis

Holy sneakers – what a week!  I’m kickstarting a long weekend today and looking forward to fitting in lots of good veg time.  What are you all getting into?

On the off-chance I can lure you over to procrastination station with me, here’s a little fun reading to fill the empty spaces between meals.

Hilariously awkward photos from the recent G8 Summit (the real comedic gold is in the captions).

Iconic eyeglasses that perfectly symbolize the famous people who wore them – this is really cool.

The 23 worst things about living in NYC in the summer.  Every single one of them is true!

Could this end drunk texting forever?

I seriously lust for this.

All the Miss USA contestants love holding their faces.

If you’re planning on seeing Bling Ring, you have to check this out.

Worst logo fails!

Love this surprise proposal!

The most-paused movie moments.

Beauty products that give back.


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