Give ‘em the Finger!


1, 2, 3, 4, I declare a finger war. It could be like Celebrity Deathmatch but with fingers. (I’d buy ringside seats for Ronald McDonald vs. Spock.)

I can’t get over Italian artist Dito (“dito” is Italian for “finger” – not to be confused with “ditto” which is Boyfriend for “I love you, too”). While I think his finger portraits are plenty entertaining on their own, Dito is, in fact, trying to make a larger statement with his project – that in this technological age, the finger is the tool we hide behind – constructing public identities that at once free us to express our ideas, yet also allow us to hide behind a digital disguise.

He actually uses the pointer finger in each portrait to indicate that he is pointing at YOU and challenging you to reflect on your own unique metaphorical fingerprint.

Check out some of my favorites after the jump – I think Jesus, Frida Kahlo, and the Dalai Lama are my favorites. Sounds like the beginning of a joke – “So, Jesus, Frida, and the Dalai Lama walk into a bar…”


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