Mr. Rogers Remix

Source: Jim Zahniser

Source: Jim Zahniser

In 2006, I had the honor of working closely on a project with Mr. McFeely (the regrettably named mailman on Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood), which was kind of a dream come true. I’m fairly certain a drunk LeVar Burton (from Reading Rainbow and Star Trek – he was the guy wearing the banana clip sunglasses) may have also been involved, but that could just be my wishful remembering.

I was a Sesame Street kid, to be honest, but the older I get, the more inspired I am by Mr. Rogers’ message of playfulness, confidence, and compassion. The guy was a sound bite factory (these particular quotes prove that he was the perfect human being), but I love one above all the rest. He said to all of us watching from home:

“I like you just the way you are.”

I can’t imagine a lovelier thing to say to someone…except for maybe “Here, I brought you cake.” Plus he loved break-dancing and cardigans, which makes him an honorary New Yorker.

Earlier this month, PBS released a Mr. Rogers remix song that I’ve had stuck in my head for weeks. So, naturally, now I want it to be stuck in yours. (PS. Tell someone today you like them just the way they are.)


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