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Mark your calendars – this weekend is the supermoon!  And not just any supermoon – the superest supermoon of the year.  Don’t speak Valley Girl?  This just means it will be the largest full moon of the year and the closest to earth until August of 2014. Wolves will howl, children will drive taxis, women will crush beer cans on their foreheads, and men will give mani/pedis to their cats.  (At least that’s how I’m hoping it goes down.)

To drum up some excitement for a rooftop viewing party, I passed around these stunning photos of recent supermoons from around the globe.  In some of them, the moon seems so close you could touch it.  Or at the very least – send some people to live there.  I mean, if England can send its convicts to colonize Australia, would it be so bad if we sent the American Idol judging panel to live on the moon?

Grab a camera or a monocle (I’m talking to you, Brooklyn hipsters) and make a plan to moon gaze.  If you’re not the outdoorsy type, celebrate by watching the movie Moonstruck.  Nicolas Cage with only one hand + and Cher with less plastic surgery = movie magic.  Here’s a song from the movie to accompany your photo viewing:


Photo Source: Flickr


Photo Source: Flickr


Photo Source: Victor R. Caivano, AP


Photo Source: Laurent Laveder


Photo Source: Emanuel Lopes


Photo Source: Christoph Malin


Photo Source: Reuters/Gary Hershorn


Photo Source: Reuters/Ali Jarekji


Photo Source: AP Photo/Victor R. Caivano


Photo Source: Reuters/Jim Urquhart

Pompano Beach, FL by Kim Yoeung Seng

Photo Source: Kim Yoeung Seng

Nairobi by David Kuguru

Photo Source: David Kuguru


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