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Photo Source: Alexa Meade

Photo Source: Alexa Meade

Quick – think fast – is this a painting or is this a photograph?  Either way, you’re right!  (This post is rigged.)  Alexa Meade, a 27 year-old poli sci major with no formal art training, has completely captivated the art world by turning traditional portraiture on its head.  (Let’s not talk about when I was 27. I was still figuring out how to balance my checkbook, though, to be fair, some of the math I did WAS pretty creative.)

Meade paints directly on live models and props and then photographs them, turning them BACK into flat pictures that look like trompe l’oeil paintings.  I call this Snuffleupagus Art – was he a wooly mammoth?  Or was he an elephant?  He was both!

I’m obsessed.  I mean, not to commercialize it too soon, but how cool would it be to do something like this for family or wedding photos?  It smacks of the timeless but is totally modern.  You can see her process in the short video below and scroll further down to see a couple more of my favorite paintings/photos (paintos? photings?).






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