Kiss Me, Baby (One More Time)

Photo: Courtesy Metro St James/Facebook

Photo: Courtesy Metro St James/Facebook

Well, this could make that morning coffee with your boss just a little bit awkward.  Cafe Metro St James in Sydney lets customers pay for their coffee with a kiss.  The fine print?  You have to let them watch. (I was a barista in college – I can confirm that they’re all perverts).  Here’s how it plays out hidden camera-style.  So would you pack on the PDA for a free cup of java? (via Grubstreet)

Or how about this – Not a Burger Stand in LA runs a special that challenges customers to order in a different famous voice each week for 10% off their meals.  The million dollar question?  How bad would you have to want that beef brisket discount to order it as Fozzie Bear?  Wocka, wocka, wocka! (via Neatorama)

That sound you hear?  The collective sigh of every adman on Madison Avenue.


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