Me and You, and You and Me

Photo Source: Greg Tatum

All Works: Greg Tatum

So two of my favorite things collided in the most unexpected way yesterday = work and donuts (this is different from the time I ate 20 Dunkin’ Donuts munchkins at my desk…last week).  I may have to tender my resignation at the close of business today because I’m convinced it’s all downhill from here.  When an international journalist is able to satisfy a girl’s need for professional affirmation, as well as connect with her love of sweetmeats in a single review of her tv series, she’s either ascended to the Shangri-la of show business…or he deserves a Pulitzer.  Check out the article “Get with the Programme: Brain Games” and find out where the donuts come in.  Pretty sure when the author wrote this, some sort of celestial big bang happened, and a new galaxy was created where donuts have brains.

In the spirit of other unlikely pairs (I’m talking about you, delicious jelly omelet my mom used to make), I had to share Greg Tatum’s “100 Days of Brand Hacks” – he’s on day 54 of a visual exploration of the most ridiculous made-up brand extensions.  Take a look at some of my favorites below and see the full archive here!

You must listen to this song while scrolling – mandatory.  I will know if you didn’t.





Starbucks 2011 True Logo










  1. Forgot jelly omelets. Another bucket list food. Matzo Brie with jelly even better and then your sister the windex queen to clean up my messy kitchen. :)

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