Junk Drawer: Week of June 7, 2013

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Photo Source: CarolineMint on Etsy

It’s Friday!  I’m holding my eyelids open with binder clips, but I’m getting a new couch today so it doesn’t matter!!!  Also the East Coast cicada invasion has been canceled – I will celebrate by going outside without my beekeeper suit on.  What are your plans for the weekend?

“News” from around the world:

These celebrity look-alikes made me laugh.  Anyone else convinced Jack Black IS Paul Revere?

This couple has been wearing identical outfits for 35 years!  When you see the outfits, you’ll realize what a commitment that really was.

It’s amazing this country even exists when you consider none of us speaks the same language.

Why Finnish babies sleep in cardboard boxes.

Love NPR?  9 tattoos you can get to show your support.

5 foreign radio hits translated.  Who knew the Macarena was such a dark story.

The most important thing Patrick Stewart’s done besides acting?  His answer is really touching – watch the whole thing.

100 cover designs of books that don’t exist but should.

Aaron Sorkin’s office.  What you expected?

The colorful dyes that give your favorite foods their flair! (Hover over the plus sign of each one to see which foods.)

One mom teaches her 5 year-old daughter to aim higher than being a Disney princess.  Love this.


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