“We Have a Responsibility to Awe”

Did you know that there are scientific connections between feeling a sense of wonder and being compelled to DO good for others and FEEL good about yourself?  That’s right – forget Wheaties – forget self-help books.  All you really need is awe (the Beatles were wrong), which is why it’s so important that we find a way to bridge the gap between the mundane and the rhapsodic.

You all know that creating experiences of wonder is a big part of my personal philosophy (though I realize my blog name actually just makes me sound like an amateur magician).  It drives my involvement in all sorts of activities (all legal), and, I think, is the reason I still look 25 (says a cab driver I had once).  So I wanted to share with you Jason Silva’s new passion project – “Shots of Awe.”  A TestTube series about what it means to be ALIVE -  these 2-minute videos are like little jolts of caffeine right to the frontal lobe (and your libido, if I’m being honest).

Check out the sneak peek below – packed full of gorgeous photography and Jason’s inspiring, stream-of-consciousness style, this will feel like the best conversation you’ve had all day (especially if you haven’t actually had any conversations today).  Bottom line – We Have a Responsibility to Awe.  (Cue adrenaline-pumping rock anthem.)

What are your favorite moments of awe?



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