Love is in the Air

Elvis and Priscilla Presley’s Wedding Day (Photo Source: IMDB)

I had the joy of sharing my morning commute yesterday with the cutest couple who’d just said their “I Do’s” at City Hall. I am OBSESSED that they were taking the train after their wedding (my love for NYC trains runs deep).  Their excitement was so contagious that I couldn’t help but be reminded that Spring is for falling in love – with the city as it emerges from the sleepy quiet of Winter and with each other.

So today I bring you my favorite quirky wedding superstitions from around the world.  Finland takes my number one spot (they give the Latin lover stereotype a run for its money):

  1. In Finland, brides are known to carry a match to the altar – not, mind you, as an instrument of intimidation, but as a symbol of the couple’s intent to keep the passions of marriage burning.
  2. In England, one wedding guest is particularly special – the chimney sweep! After being saved by a chimney sweep 200 years ago, King George II declared them an official good luck charm.  Move over leprechauns.
  3. In China, many couples begin their vows at half past the hour so that their marriage begins when the hands of the clock are on the upswing.
  4. In India, the bride is traditionally adorned with elaborate henna tattoos before the ceremony.  Hidden inside of the design somewhere are the groom’s initials.  If he is able to find them on their wedding night, the couple will have good luck.  If not, he has to present his wife with a gift.  (Sounds like a win-win for wifey to me!)
  5. And in the Czech Republic, a tree is planted in the bride’s front yard on the day before her wedding – it is said that she will live as long as the tree. (There’s probably something wrong with that math, but it’s still a charming tradition.)

Check out this link for more fun wedding trivia – I’m fairly certain that some of these customs will make dealing with your meddling mother-in-law seem like a walk in the park.

Cheers to all you lovebirds!

(My heart goes out to Oklahoma this week.  If you are looking for ways to help, please go here – there are so many ways to get involved.)



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