I see fields of green…(name that song)…

Photo Source: Flickr

SAN FRANCISCO (Photo Source: Flickr)

Ah, home sweet 400 square foot home.  After being propositioned in the Atlanta airport and then mistaken for Miss Chattanooga by a foot fetishist (maybe she, too, has embarrassing thumb-toes), it’s good to be back in NYC where all the weirdest things usually happen to tourists.

So I’m curious – do you snap photos from the airplane window seat when you fly? The idea of flying is just so absurd to my little brain (I mean have you ever REALLY thought about how you’re essentially just sitting in a floating chair?), but the views can be pretty fantastic. I don’t expect to catch Dorothy and Toto flying by my window, but it does give me something to focus on other than the fear-sweat in my palms (who needs a beverage cart – my hands are like faucets).  SLR or iPhone in-hand, I’m always poised and ready for a good shot.

Turns out I’m not alone. I did a little sleuthing and found several pages like this and this dedicated to the best window seat photography (thank you, Internet) – check them out for an amazing snapshot of how diverse and beautiful our planet is.

So here are my 5 favorite tips for how to shoot from your window seat:

  1. Shoot early in the flight when the windows will be clearest;
  2. This should be a no-brainer, but don’t use your flash!!!;
  3. Pick a point of interest inside or outside of the plane. A big vista may take your breath away but is often hard to capture;
  4. Have your camera ready – often when a plane banks, you get the most interesting views;
  5. For the die-hards, plot your course!  According to Travel and Leisure, “the website fboweb.com generates Google Earth views of exact routes using up-to-the-minute FAA flight-tracking data. If you zoom in and tilt at the right angle, the view of the virtual globe looks just like what you’ll see out the airplane window.”
Photo Source: Flickr

MIDWEST (Photo Source: Flickr)

DOHA (Photo Source: Flickr)

DOHA (Photo Source: Flickr)

BALI (Photo Source: Flickr)

BALI (Photo Source: Flickr)



  1. I love the Bali shot – that’s what it looked like when I first went there. The volcanoes pop up above the cloud cover and then when you hit the clouds in the descent it get crazy turbulent and you get these brief visions of bright green rice terraces stretching in all directions and there’s this sense that the pilot is somehow having to work to reveal this island below.

  2. I always choose a seat on the aisle! As for the song…”What a Wonderful World”. Luis Armstrong. Wonderist World? :).

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