Postcards from the South

Photo Source: Elsurfista

Life below the Mason-Dixon Line is, well, hot. I am pretty sure I left a sweat mark in the shape of the Sweet Baby Jesus on my mom’s car seat today. I might try to sell it on eBay.

Anyway, it is Throwback Thursday, and I feel how this ice cream truck looks. A commentary on global warming by artist Orest Keywan, this melting ice cream truck took the $30,000 grand prize in the Australian Sculptures by the Sea exhibition in 2006. Mr. Softees everywhere shared a moment of silence for their fallen brother.

In other news from The South:

I had fried chicken for breakfast! Fruits and vegetables are for sissies.

Overheard at Wal-Mart today – a married couple having a legit fight over whether to buy Velveeta or Kraft Mac and Cheese. It got heated. Kraft won, but the husband’s sleeping on the couch tonight.

I saw a bookstore called “White Wing” which I thought was funny when I said it out loud to myself (assuming it was a play on “right wing”). But then I wondered if they didn’t mean it to be funny and felt bad for maybe being a cynical New Yorker.


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