Sushi Cats

Sushi Cat

There is virtually no reason this should exist, except that it does.  I don’t typically go in for cat memes, but this one is just so silly that I am spellbound.  My brain is trying to understand – Photos of Cats + Sushi Rice = Sushi Cats?  Someone should probably call PETA.

“Sushi Cats” are brought to you by Japanese advertising company Tange & Nakimushi Peanuts, which sells the prints on its website. If, like me, you’re searching for any possible distraction from your mounting flight anxiety, watch this video about the mythological cats and their magical powers.  Then throw away your rabbit foot keychain and get a sushi cat for good luck.

Is the sushi cat the new unicorn?  This could be the question that defines our generation.

In the meantime, I’m hopping on a plane to see my mom this morning.  Please God, let this absurdity not be the last thing I ever post.

*All Photos from Tange & Nakimushi Peanuts*

Sushi Cat Knitter

Sushi Cat Ping PongSushi Board


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