I wanna dance with somebody!

Photo Source: Fox

Photo Source: Fox

There is one tv event I look forward to all year with the kind of anticipation forgivable only in children on Christmas Eve.  So You Think You Can Dance is back tonight!

For the uninitiated, SYTYCD (you can forget it if you think I’m going to type out the whole damn thing every time in this post) is, yes, an elimination show, but that’s where the similarities to its reality show brethren end.  This is a show for true lovers of dance (the other kind watch Dancing with the Stars).  Dancers come together from all over the country, are challenged to perform outside of their genre, and break our hearts with how achingly talented they are.  (Suggestion: it is particularly gratifying to watch this show while sitting on the couch eating potato chips.)  After every season, I vow to learn to do the splits, but I’d settle for looking like SYTYCD’s host, Cat Deeley.  I’m certain her supernatural beauty has something to do with having more teeth than the average person…and also go-go-gadget legs.

Anyway, if you’re inclined to dismiss my enthusiasm as “fanaticism,” I will tell you only that even my dad loved this show, and I’ve never met someone with worse rhythm and dance instincts in my life.  The first video below was his favorite routine.  The second is mine – for obvious reasons.  Still not convinced?  Take a look at some of my other favorite dances from the last 9 seasons.  You can’t help but feel more connected to yourself and to other people after watching some of the breathtaking work these artists have done.

A soldier telling his girlfriend he’s going back to war:

A father reunited with his daughter in heaven:

About addiction:

Seeing a shrink:

A woman with a workaholic lover:


A woman plays the matador in this paso doble:

A man going through a bad break-up: 

2 people who have hit a wall in their relationship:

A son comforts a sick mother:



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