Junk Drawer: Week of May 6, 2013

Happy Friday, everyone!  If you had to bribe yourself with ice cream to get through this week like I did, you’re ready for the weekend!  I’ll be teaching tomorrow and then getting ready for a visit to Tennessee to relax with my mom and some of our family friends.  Hijinks will ensue.  What are you up to?

Here are my favorites from around the web this week:

After several days of monsoon-like weather and soggy shoes, this video cheered me right up.  Prepare for deep belly laughs.  John Krasinski, I heart you.

The art of kissing.  The French Soul Kiss sounds intriguing…

An ad that only kids can see.  Genius and important.

How Helen Keller experienced dance for the first time – so beautiful.

Incredible gift for the little ones in your life – customize a gorgeous illustrated book – it’s easy!

This is what happens when you tell a joke…drunk…and your husband is an animator.

What a week’s worth of groceries looks like around the world.

I had no idea that dashboard cameras are so ubiquitous in Russia.  This dash-cam compilation proves that good people are all around us. Humanity = 1.  Bad Guys = ZERO.

Wowsers, Martha Stewart, you were one hot tamale!

Comic book nerds unite – personal jetpacks could soon be a reality.

How life comes full circle.



  1. Have a wonderful time with your mom and the gals. I’m sure there will be lots of laughs. Give your mom a hug from us.

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