Music to my ears! Or, I peed my pants in front of a boy band.

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This weekend, I’m going to be teaching my middle school art students about music.  Some of them have never heard music in their homes, and some had never danced before they met me.  I try to change these things in my classroom.

I’m even going to dust off a record player and spin a vinyl or two (as if they don’t already think I’m a complete dinosaur)!  I was talking to a good friend about it yesterday, and she told me this great story about how every Sunday her dad put Starlight Express on the record player and would shout out “Chooo chooo, engine of love!” while she and her sisters begrudgingly got ready for church.  I love that!  What are your earliest memories of music?  I’d love to hear them.

Music has always been a big part of my life – we weren’t the Partridge Family exactly, but growing up, my parents listened to a lot of music and played it on occasion, too.  My dad first put a saxophone in my hands when I needed a step stool to reach the mouthpiece – I honked as loud as my little lungs would let me!  I remember choreographing dances with my little girlfriends and performing them at my parents’ bridge parties, too, and sitting on the stage in the school gym singing “Wind Beneath My Wings” to my 6th grade teacher at the end of the school year, tears streaming down my face.  And how could I forget peeing my pants backstage at the New Kids on the Block concert on my 11th birthday (if you’re thinking that’s really old to be peeing your pants, I’m aware).

So, I took a major trip down memory lane last night as I thought about how to talk to my students about the power of music, having been so profoundly affected by it myself.  This playlist (18 songs total, so don’t forget to scroll down in the player – you’ll need Spotify to play it) is the result.  It actually made me really nostalgic to put it together (and I’m the sentimental sort to begin with) – just thinking of the moments I heard these songs with my family.  Each one is like a time capsule for me.  Please enjoy and please share some of your favorite songs with me!

This is for my parents who gave me a love of so many things – chief among them…music:

[spotify id="spotify:user:thewonderist:playlist:4jlUhYGcbJ7uWdY8Vp7mJK" width="300" height="380" /]



    1. I made the playlist on Spotify, and then they have simple embed code for putting it into the post – easy peasy! Unfortunately, I think you have to download spotify to listen. I was hoping that wasn’t going to be the case, so I’m on the hunt for a new way to embed playlists!

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