Junk Drawer: Week of April 29, 2013

Gone Glamping! Photo Source: Jon Woodbury Photography

Gone Glamping!
Photo Source: Jon Woodbury Photography

Good morning and happy Friday! Here’s a little entertainment from around the globe to get us to the finish line today!

Someone pinch me.  McDonald’s delivery and all-day breakfast?  Be still my beating heart.

Tired of doing laundry?  These shirts only have to be washed once every 100 wears!

Incredible photos of NYC in the early 1900′s have just been made public.

Filmmaker Steven Soderbergh (Magic Mike, Contagion, Oceans Eleven, etc.) is writing a novel…on twitter.

Dita Von Teese wears the first ever dress made in a 3D printer.  Fashion is looking very futuristic these days!

22 ice cream sandwiches that dared to dream.  Someone get me a plate.

Johnny Cash’s “to do” list.  Right after “Kiss June,” comes “Don’t Kiss Anyone Else.”  Wisdom to live by (and a fun website to poke around on).

This man went a year with no internet (willingly).  And – gasp – survived to write about it!

Game of Thrones’ Olenna Tyrell goes round for round against Downton Abbey’s Violet Crawley!

Mother’s Day jackpot! Cleverly written like a cookbook, The Flower Recipe Book provides creative, step-by-step directions for arranging beautiful flowers!  Great gift for Mother’s Day!

This guerrilla marketing campaign targets students in need of tutoring by correcting spelling errors made in graffiti.  As a stickler for good spelling myself (won a few competitions in my day) and a fan of good graffiti, I love everything about this.



  1. Especially liked the story about guy who went without Internet! We live a relatively simple life with no TV (though we do get DVDs of Duck Dynasty and a few other movies), only the Internet on our iPhones and when we happen to nab WiFi at a Barnes & Noble, a huge garden to sustain veggies through the seasons, chickens to provide our eggs and meat, and a gigantic cistern that collects rainwater used for everything except drinking and cooking (we have the 5 gallon jug dispenser service for drinking/cooking)… We live comfortably and our boys’hobbies are building forts, campfires, swash buckling with ” the perfect sword stick” and freaking mom out by climbing tall trees, putting ropes up and then repelling down way too fast!

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